Black Building Test

Black Building Testing to support your UPS solution. Our experts are on-hand to ensure minimal impact to your business during a Black Building Test.


black building test at a data centre


Our professional engineers will work closely with you to support your annual IST (Integrated System Test) UPS Black Building Test. This test generally simulates the complete mains failure of the building, so having our experts on-hand will help to ensure minimal impact and downtime.

UPS Black Building Testing should be carried out once a year to test the functionality of your systems. These tests demonstrate how your generators and UPS systems will perform in the event of power failure. Our Black Building Tests are carried out by experienced in-house professionals, providing you with the highest standards to protect your business. Our specialists will also observe your UPS and generators throughout the outage and offer a detailed report afterwards, which offers insight about improving your backup power supply.

  • Highly qualified engineering team
  • Supporting your annual Black Building Tests
  • Preventing the danger of power failure
  • Highest standards guaranteed
  • Comprehensive report about performance
  • Advice in the event of glitches and faults
  • UPS and generator analysis included
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