UPS engineers loading vehicles
Dedicated team

We install over 100 new UPS systems every month, so we know what works. We employ one of the UK’s largest teams of skilled and dedicated engineers. Together, they design and deliver cost-effective uninterrupted power supply systems for businesses of all sizes.

We bring our experience, knowledge and insight to every project. Working with you, we can create, install and commission power systems that protect your organisation’s valuable data and critical infrastructure today and tomorrow.

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Tested and trusted

Your UPS system must be installed and commissioned by trained experts. Every new UPS project is supported by detailed method statements and risk assessments to ensure consistent quality. You can have confidence in our work and its long-term reliability and performance.

Our qualified professionals will ensure every component is fitted and tested accurately, delivering consistent, clean power.

ups battery and plug illustration
customer on laptop using carter sullivan software
Smarter systems

Our smarter systems keep you in control at all times. All of our UPS systems come with software that provides a simple and accessible infrastructure monitoring solution that keeps you in touch with your systems 24/7.

At a glance, you can monitor and manage data centre power. You’ll have control of a range of environmental and physical capacity metrics, all within the context of your existing IT infrastructure.

UPS maintenance and management

We only use the best UPS products for our installations, but sometimes even they can fail. A full manufacturer’s warranty covers every product we use.

To give you peace of mind, we offer a range of maintenance solutions, including 24/7 service packages, routine inspections and maintenance plans.

Pre-UPS installation checks

Every project begins with a free site survey to learn more about you and your requirements. Our engineers will investigate your current systems and infrastructure, and ask about your plans for the future.

From there, we can begin the design process. Working together, we configure a system that will provide the support and protection that your critical power systems need – all within your defined budget.

finger on button turning on UPS input
Minimal downtime

We work hard to ensure your business isn’t affected by our essential work. We prepare thoroughly and will look for alternative ways to keep power running throughout the process.

Our detailed project plans and strict deadlines enable us to minimise any disruption and avoid costly delays and power outages.

finger on button turning on UPS input
carter sullivan team member meeting with client

Every UPS installation starts with a detailed understanding of you, your business and your requirements. We design UPS systems with the future in mind. They’re scalable and robust, supporting your growth plans – not limiting them.